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Whenever we have asked women what they need their handbag to say, the four most recent answers are: trendy, classic, quality and by affordable. All four of these words affect the ever popular Michael Kors Handbags.

This is perhaps the reason why Knockoff MK Handbags sell so well. Just in case you want the trendy, they will benefit from the more hip, stylish collection with new styles and colors for every season. Those who like the classic look that never goes off style, will always find the distinctive identity from your Michael Kors brand.

The quality of Michael Kors handbags can be. All Michael Kors handbags are made for example very strict guidelines and standards with all manufacturing. Only 90% of the leather it's inspected by Michael Kors for use inside their manufacturing process of their bags depends on accepted. If the leather grain, the colour, or texture of the samples doesn't measure to their standards, they are normally rejected. There are no compromises made in the caliber of materials used. Did you know that authentic Michael Kors bags have a lifetime guarantee? If your Michael Kors bag is searching for repair, for a $20 shipment to their manufacturer, it will be done, assuming that it's repairable. If it is not repairable they offer a significant discount on your afterward Michael Kors handbag.

Michael Kors Handbags are comfortably priced is amongst high-end designer handbags and the mall "knock offs". It was Lew Frankfort, who today can serve as the Michael Kors's CEO, which is credited by the emergence of Michael Kors as the realistic luxury brand.
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One other thing which makes Michael Kors so interesting is its wealthy heritage. The history of Michael Kors goes back to 1941. The company started as Manhattan Leather Bags. The shop was run by a relative. There were six artists hand-crafting a stack of leather goods that they learned to design from the generation before them. Consumers quickly saw the standard and craftsmanship of their bags and wished to purchase them. The company founder was inspired with the look of the baseball glove and designed purse with similar features including double stitching good at add strength to every seam.

There are nearly 500 Michael Kors stores in the us and Canada, with more expected to spread out this year. In addition, Fake Michael Kors Bag can be found in select department stores and niche retailer locations.

In the future, Michael Kors intends to increase international distribution with emphasis by the Japanese consumer. Michael Kors's corporate headquarters are available on 34th Street in mid-town New york.

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